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Who are the Chaos Collective?

The Chaos Collective is a group of highly-experienced experts dedicated to helping companies improve their incident response, reliability and chaos engineering capabilities.

Through our onsite and online consultancy and training program, we help our clients learn from our diverse experience to accelerate their journeys towards establishing successful resiliency and Chaos Engineering practices.


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Meet the Chaos Collective



Russ Miles

Russ has been helping companies gain the benefits of microservices-based architectures and going “cloud native” for the best part of half a decade.

An international speaker, consultant and trainer on these subjects, Russ has been bringing Chaos Engineering practices to the forefront in diverse organisations ranging from startups to traditional enterprises.

Russ is also the co-founder of the free and open source “Chaos Toolkit” project, whose goal is to provide a simple and easy way to quickly create automated chaos engineering experiments, integrating with as broad a swathe of chaos-creating and system-probing systems through the toolkit’s extensive “chaos drivers”.




Nathan Aschbacher

Nathan has been pushing the boundaries of Chaos Engineering practices to find ways of reasoning about and measuring a system's correctness properties and the relationship to managing resiliency.

While it is a core principle of Chaos Engineering to "Run Experiments in Production," Nathan's work has been in high-risk environment's where such practices may be extremely costly, such is the case with global financial transaction processing, or even deadly as is the case with his current work in functional-safety for autonomous vehicles. This necessitates taking a more nuanced approach.

His experiences become particularly valuable helping risk-averse organizations learn, demonstrating how to reap the benefits of Chaos Engineering, moving them toward more resilient systems and services.




Aaron Rinehart

Aaron  has been expanding the possibilities of Chaos Engineering in its application to other safety-critical portions of the domain notably Cyber Security.

He began pioneering the application of Security in Chaos Engineering during his tenure as the Chief Security Architect at the largest healthcare company in the world, UnitedHealth Group(UHG). While at UHG Aaron released ChaoSlingr, one of the first open source software releases focused on using Chaos Engineering in Cyber Security to build more resilient systems.

Aaron founded the first Chaos Engineering Meetup in Washington DC and is a frequent author, consultant and speaker in the space.