Incident Response, Reliability and Chaos Engineering


Onsite and Online Engagements


The Chaos Collective offer a simple onsite and online engagement process aimed to accommodate your specific needs and ready to be tailored to the unique context of your business.

Throughout this process you get access to the entire Chaos Collective's expertise to support your journey towards improved reliability and resilience through Chaos Engineering.

Onsite Engagement

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Our client engagements typically begin with a one-day, onsite workshop. In these engagements, one or two people from the Collective will come onsite for a day and conduct the following, customisable, activities:

  • Main setting-the-stage presentation

  • Frameworks and models of safety, availability, and complexity

  • Chaos Engineering history, implementations & techniques

  • Cultural impacts, maturity models, and incident response

  • Meeting with key individual contributors: engineers, architects, and operations

  • Meeting with key management

After the initial engagement workshop day, a follow-up report with observations, assessment, and recommendations is delivered within one week. The report is shared with the rest of the Chaos Collective, to pull feedback and comments from our collective experience beyond the members who conducted the engagement day itself.

Post this initial engagement you have the option to continue the dialogue with the Chaos Collective through private or public Chaos Engineering channels and, if required, explore our training catalogue.