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The Chaos Collective are the world's first dedicated high-value consultancy group focussed on Chaos Engineering. We offer an engagement process that helps companies, particularly enterprises, either improve their incident response, reliability, and Chaos Engineering functions, or kick off an internal Chaos Engineering program. Our combined experience, from a diverse set of software verticals, constitutes the most robust group of professionals operating in this domain.

We have set up Chaos Engineering teams at startups, we have managed Chaos Engineering teams at the largest scale company on the planet, and we literally wrote the book on it. We offer a forum to exchange information and bolster experience, to increase your chances of launching and maintaining a successful Chaos Engineering practice.


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Areas of Expertise

Chaos Engineering

The discipline of chaos engineering turns common-sense logic on its head by deliberately injecting controlled failure into your system so that you can learn about and accomodate a system's weaknesses before your customer experience's those weaknesses.

The Chaos Collective apply their extensive and diverse experience to helping you establish a successful chaos engineering practice for your own unique context.

Incident Response

Building a learning, sociotechnical system around your response to incidents is hugely valuable and a real challenge involving everything from technical runtime facets through to individual's emotions.

The Chaos Collective can help you establish an industry-leading incident response practice that helps you learn effectively from the major and minor disasters your system encounters.


Combining incident response and chaos engineering, reliability incorporates the safety and security of your system to turn it into a service that your customers rely upon.

The Chaos Collective bring all of the different initiatives together for you to establish a sociotechnical system of software development and delivery that supports the reliability needs of your customers.